San Juan La Laguna

La Juanera as a mother is that woman who wakes up very early every morning to start her work; She starts with the preparation of the nixtamal after her, she takes it to the mill to obtain the dough to prepare the tortillas. Back in the house with the comal on and ready, she begins preparing the food together with the tortillas that will accompany this delight, prepared with delicate hands and with all the love of a MOTHER. This is how the Juanera woman starts the day, fulfilling her obligations to the family, serving breakfast to the children and the husband, so that they can start their day and carry out their activities with all their strength and with good attitudes.

Mother who after having finished with her housework, continues her day with the elaboration of textiles, which are fabrics that are elaborated with her delicate hands; hands that over time are leaving traces in the municipality, in the family and in our hearts, as Ak'abal wrote: “With those hands he taught me to eat, with those hands he changed my diapers, with those hands he held me to teaching me to walk, with them he consoled my sadness…”.

Mother Juanera in our childhood, instead of buying us toys or the best clothes, she changed them by dedicating her time, her affection and love to us; with their care we have become children of good, constructive children and of many dreams. Thank you mother Juanera on this occasion because no matter how many times you scold us and that we get angry when we do not fulfill our obligations, deep down in our hearts we know that everything you do for us is for our good and that without your advice we would not be who we are now.

To you working mother, our childhood nanny, our doctor, our educator, our life teacher. Strong woman who gave and is giving her best for a better opportunity for our lives, today we dedicate a few words to wish you the best and to wish you a:


This month we honor all the mothers of our San Juan La Laguna municipality who in one way or another have contributed to the development of our small municipality, thanks to them there are people with a humble heart, of courage, with knowledge of art, full of dreams, ideas, objectives and goals; people who have made San Juan a beautiful municipality and who have put the name of our municipality high.

Our mothers who do not live with us here on earth, thank you for the footprints you have left, for your help in our lives and in our community. We carry them in our hearts. 💓💓💓

Written by: Lisbeth Sucely and Frando Ujpán, 10/05/2021.

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