San Juan La Laguna


The group arises at the beginning of the year 2021 with the intention of entertaining family parties, such as birthdays, weddings, baptisms, anniversaries, etc. The first recording was a tribute to Selena Quintanilla where the work carried out reached the hearts of many people nationally and internationally.

Some of the songs they perform:

  • Like the Flower
  • Tecno Cumbia
  • Forbidden Love
  • The Call
  • Carcacha
  • Bidibidi Bom Bom
  • Dance This Cumbia

A musical group that seeks to highlight its Tz'utujile origins by proudly wearing the Mayan clothing of the municipality of San Juan La Laguna.

The band's vocalists are: Bezty Pérez, Dana Herrera, Milena Ujpan and Melanie Herrera. Lucas Bizarro is in the congas, the drums are in charge of Santiago Cholotio, and Lucas Bizarro is a representative of the group.

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