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TZ’UTUJ Q’AJOM is a word composed in the Mayan language Tz’utujil, TZ’UTUJ (flower of milpa) and Q’AJOM (music), its translation into Spanish is Music of the Flower of Milpa.

The cornfield is a relevant element in the Mayan worldview, because its fruit (Corn) is the main food for the Mayans, the Sacred book El Popol Wuj tells us that Mayan men are made of corn and was the main element for our creation and its color is reflected in every part of the human body.

TZ'UTUJ Q'AJOM ancestral Mayan music, is made up of artists from San Juan La Laguna, on the shore of Lake Atitlán, who express and manifest their feelings through music, practicing, conserving the Mayan culture, through the use of instruments made with natural materials, such as wood, cane and fruits, where sounds of nature are reproduced such as sounds of animals and mountains, thus generating harmony with mother earth, like the ancient Mayans who lived symbiotically they are their environment.

The group was born after the 13 Baktun in the new era, in the fifth sun of the Mayan worldview, according to the Gregorian calendar in 2013, in order to share the joy from the art of music, express the song of the mountains , the voice of the grandparents and the harmony of the birds for our ears, therefore to practice and preserve the culture and to remember that the Mayans have not died and are still visible, for our civilization, this is the moment where the cane sprouts again, the cane of life, the cane of the twin brothers Hunahpú and Ixbalanqué (stories in the sacred book of the Mayans Popol Wuj).

You can listen to part of the repertoire of the group TZ'UTUJ Q'AJOM!

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